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RF-A Automatic Mica Undercutter: Aero, auto, and small DC armatures

Dec 15, 2022 | CAM Innovation News

A closer step to the supply lines of global manufacturing  

Before a small shop can become a tiered supplier for global manufactures like a BMW, Boeing, Volvo, or Lockheed Martin, they must first comply to a series of certified standards to ensure not only quality, but efficient production and delivery.

Designed by CAM Innovation, the RF-A Automatic Mica Undercutter is freestanding, automatic and ideal for the automotive and aerospace sectors, and small DC armatures.

Efficiency + Quality = Certification

Murat Aksel, BMW’s Senior Vice President of Purchasing and Supplier Network Americas put it plainly, saying “the company’s suppliers must meet high performance levels in quality, flexibility, cost, and innovation.”

The application of automated solutions has connected the industry and pushed efficiency standards higher across the board, while the development of new products and parts can propel the smallest machine shops into tiered suppliers.

Whether the company is building panel fasteners or small motors for the automotive, aerospace, oil & gas, packaging, or pharmaceutical sectors, they will require branded standards and protocol, exclusive technologies and a means of production to not only get the job done but distinguish them from their competitors.

The Bells and Whistles

 Featuring the CAM Innovation patented Brush Deburring system, the RF-A Automatic Mica Undercutter includes a touch control system capable of meeting specifications of up to 100 different armatures.

There are also safety features including a laser zone light curtain and integrated safety cage.

In addition, the undercutter is engineered with servo control, automatic indexing using an optical sensor, spring-loaded floating saw spindle, and climb cut rotation with carbide saws for cleaner cuts and less burr.

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