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CS Pneumatic Coil Former

Fully-Adjustable, Simple to Operate, Robust Frame

The newly-redesigned CS Coil Former incorporates increased structural strength, higher powered cylinders and linear bearing guides to improve the machine’s performance.

All of the above is emphasized with the new, exciting design, making the machine a modern and attractive addition to your workshop.

Pneumatic Coil Spreader


Operator-Convenient Features

•Controls on the machine
• Operates on standard workshop air supply
• Good working height
• Improved ergonomics for loading the coil
• Linear bearing slides for smoother motion
• Knuckle pins replaced with a single screw

Pneumatic Coil Spreader

Air-activated jaws securely clamp the copper

Pneumatic Coil Spreader

Easy-to-use control station. Height can be set to suit client preference

Pneumatic Coil Spreader

Adjustable Slotholders
Slotholders are held on square bars to maintain accurate coil angles. There are adjusters under each slotholder for quick set-up.

Pneumatic Coil Spreader

Manual Stops
Easily set to make repeatable coils. Adjustment knobs are color coded for quick reference.

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