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Unleashing Manufacturing Excellence: The RHT Revolutionizes Harness Taping

Aug 30, 2023 | CAM Innovation News

In the world of manufacturing, where every second counts, we were faced with a familiar challenge: the painstaking art of harness taping. Crafting intricate harnesses with various diameters and numerous breakouts was a labor-intensive task, with the initial layer of tape alone devouring a whopping 3 hours of our clients’ precious time. Their production line was in need of a makeover, and that’s when CAM’s automation stepped in to change the game.

Enter the RHT an automated tapping machine that was poised to challenge our client’s conventional process. The skepticism that initially met this technology soon transformed into excitement as the RHT showcased its capabilities. Engineered to revolutionize harness taping, the RHT marked a turning point in our clients’ operations.

The RHT accomplished what was once considered arduous – taping an extensive, multi-diameter harness spanning ten feet in only 20 minutes. This stark contrast to the previous three-hour manual endeavor was not only astonishing but also a testament to the RHT’s capability to redefine efficiency in manufacturing.

Transitioning from the primary tape application, our process seamlessly integrated their manually intricate task of affixing a braid tube to the taped harness. Post-braid tube application, the RHT masterfully executed a secondary tape layer, underscoring its adaptability and speed by completing the task within a concise 20-minute interval.

Once several successful tests runs were completed, we calculated the cumulative process time. The conventional approach necessitated five labor-intensive hours from start to finish. In contrast, the RHT-driven process comprised 20 minutes for the primary tape layer, two hours for the braid tube application (manual), and another 20 minutes for the secondary tape layer. The ultimate result a two-hour reduction in process time, with the possibly of achieving more.

Our clients’ journey from traditional harness taping methodologies to the automated prowess of the RHT is a story of transformation and acceptance of automation. The RHT has proven time and time again to be a game changer in process time reduction. Leveraging its capabilities, we not only attained unprecedented levels of production efficiency but also achieved resource optimization for our client. This is a testament to the RHT’s potential to rejuvenate established manufacturing practices, allowing our clients to grow faster and more efficiently.

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