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CAL Power Drive Coil Taping Machine

Simple, Reliable, Fast! Variable Speed Coil Taper

Operator Friendly, More Ergonomic Coil Taping
This new machine has a large taping ring so it is easier for operators to move the coil through the tape head. The optional Roller Drive uses sturdy, soft rubber drive rollers to clamp the coil firmly so they support most of the coil weight, reducing ergonomic strain on the operator.

Operators can now produce high quality coil taping results faster than manual taping!
With the CAL, even new operators will produce tight wraps with consistent tape overlap with practice.

CAL Power Drive Coil Taping Machine
CAL Power Drive Coil Taping Machine

Optional Roller Drive has an adjustable Ratio Controller to maintain the tape Overlap No Matter What the Speed!
Simple push button interface lets the operator set whatever tape overlap is desired. No matter how fast the operator makes the tape head go by pressing on the foot pedal, the tape overlap remains perfect.

CAL has options for:
• 2 rolls of tape
• Drive Roller Tower
• Constant tape tension control with mechanical capstan brake
• Automatic ring alignment

CAL Power Drive Coil Taping Machine Features

CAL Power Drive Coil Taping Machine

Footswitch Control keeps
operators hands on the coil

Footswitch activates the soft rubber clamping rollers to 3 positions:
• Closed for Taping
• Open for loading
• Retract so the operator can move the coil to tape around the knuckle

CAL Power Drive Coil Taping Machine

Effortlessly Moves Coil in either direction
with a reversing drive rollers

Operators like how the CAL Power Drive Machine effortlessly moves the coil through the tape head while maintaining tape overlap. Speed is controlled by a foot pedal. Press a footswitch and the machine reverses direction so the operator can quickly and easily apply another tape layer to the coil. Regardless of the direction the coil is moving, the tape overlap is maintained.

CAL Power Drive Coil Taping Machine

Tape Roll Mounting Methods
We offer different ways to place tape rolls on the taping ring to match the client’s process:
1. One tape roll with a swiveling roller which helps the tape adjust to the best angle as it wraps the copper section. Taping tension is set by compressing a spring against the flange that holds the tape.
2. 2 Tape Rolls with spring tension and swiveling guide rollers.
3. One Tape Roll with guide hook.
4. 1 or 2 Tape Rolls with constant tension brakes.

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