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FT Follower Taping Machine

FT Automatic Taping Machine

​Automatically Determines Cable Speed, Adjusts Tape Head Speed to Match

Designed to be placed in line with a dereeler and winder, the FT Cable Taper provides spiral taping with complete tape overlap control in a very compact and reliable package.

This special spiral-taping machine uses a measuring wheel and encoder to determine how fast the wire is being pulled through the machine and automatically changes the speed of the taping head to compensate. By adjusting the head speed, a consistent tape overlap is maintained. Faster taping heads can be custom designed for faster work piece feed rates.

The taping head, material guide roller assemblies, and machine controls are mounted onto a heavy-duty welded steel base. There is zero accumulation error as the machine automatically compensates for speed variations as the wire bundle moves through the taping head.

FT Automatic Taping Machine

Complete 3-Machine System

CAM can provide you with a complete Reel-to-Reel wire taping system consisting of a dereeler with a mechanical friction brake,
a FT Taping Machine, and a powered re-reeler. The re-reeler measures the amount of wire wound on the spool and traverses the spool
to properly layer the wire to prevent tangles. This system has larger tape spools for longer runs.

Custom FT Machine Cable Taping

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