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Multi-process Universal Machines

Multi-Process Universal Machines
are designed for mills, shipyards, mines, railroads,
as well as shops that manufacture and repair
small quantities of large motors and generators.
They can be equipped to perform virtually all shop processes
required to rebuild an armature and will greatly
lessen your armature handling time.

DJ/DJM Universal Machines

DC Motor Equipment by CAM Innovation

This single machine performs all steps of armature repair. The DJ/DJM is perfect for low production workshops that are responsible for overhauling large DC armatures.


EM Machine

We’ve put the world’s most popular
Automatic Mica Undercutter on a roller stand.
An optional TIG Weld Attachment is available.
Fast, accurate, and versatile for service shops. Backed by 65 years’ experience making automatic undercutters in our factory in Hanover.

JHT Large Universal Commutator Repair Machine

JHT Large Universal Commutator Repair Machine

CAM’s family of JH Commutator Turn & Undercut machines significantly reduce process time by eliminating the movement of the armature between lathe and undercutter.
The programmable motions are controlled
by servo motors for maximum
efficiency and precision.
The JHT model has a modern design and programmable features to quickly restore large commutators to proper service conditions.

JH Universal Commutator Repair Machine

JH Universal Commutator Repair Machine

Designed specifically for shops that handle small to medium sized armatures, the JH is ideal
for servicing DC motors, such as those used in
small generators, transit and light rail systems.

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