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UL Semi-Automatic
Lathe Undercutter

UL Semi-Automatic Lathe Undercutter

Built with Heavy Duty Components For More Accuracy and Consistency

The UL Semi-Automatic Mica Undercutter is specifically designed to be affordable for smaller shops undercutting a wide mix of DC motors. It mounts on the tool compound of a conventional lathe, sets up in minutes and produces high quality undercutting that is far superior to manual undercutting methods.

A motor driven carriage, with adjustable speed control and a travel stop for setting the distance of travel, provides smooth, consistent cutting stokes. All the operator needs to do is align each mica slot with the saw and push a button to begin each cut. Your UL undercutter comes complete with tooling for “easy on, easy off” mounting.

UL Semi-Automatic Lathe Undercutter
UL Semi-Automatic Lathe Undercutter
UL Semi-Automatic Lathe Undercutter

Simply install the armature in the lathe, mount the UL on the tool compound, set the cutting length stops, align the mica slot with the saw, and push the power traverse switch to cut the mica slot.

Attach to your UL Undercutting System You’ll save hours of handwork by eliminating the need for hand chamfering

UL Semi-Automatic Lathe
Undercutter FEATURES

Better Technology Produces Higher Quality Results.

UL Semi-Automatic Lathe Undercutter

Motor Driven

For a more controlled and consistent saw traverse – reduces operator fatigue by eliminating need to repeatedly push the saw spindle back and forth.

Carbide Saws

Designed to stay sharper, last longer and cut smoother.

Floating Saw Spindle

Eliminates constant tracking adjustments and automatically tracks skewed mica.

Built To Last

Rugged, robust construction with a high strength aluminum cast frame, two case hardened stainless steel round ways with linear bearings mounted on a cast metal base.

Variable Speed Control

Allows adjustment of the carriage speed to suit saw cutting conditions.

Climb Cut Saw Rotation

Cuts from the top down into the mica providing smooth cuts with less burrs and better side mica removal.

Adjustable Skew

Easily repositions undercutter to follow severely skewed mica without shimming.

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