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TTT Tractor Drive Turn Taper

In-Line Winding With Consistent Overlap! Insulates Each Coil Turn to Perfection!

The TTT provides tight, consistent tape wrap with precise overlap control!

Designed to work in line with a loop winder, the TTT automatically compensates for speed variations caused by the loop bar’s winding motion. The secret is in the TTT “floating” tape head.

The machine’s tractor drive securely clamps onto and crawls along the moving wire at a pre-set speed. As the loop bar turns, the wire speed fluctuates and both the tractor drive and taping head “float” on precision guide rails. The result is measured advance of the tape head giving you total control of the tape overlap.

TTT Tractor Drive Turn Taper

TTT Tractor Drive Turn Taper Features

TTT Tractor Drive Turn Taper

Floating Tape Head
Tape Head “floats” on precision rails to compensate for changes in wire speed during winding.

Pneumatic Coil Spreader

Two-Roll Tape Head
Applies two layers of tape at the same time with constant tape tension.

TTT Tractor Drive Turn Taper

Tractor Drive
Clamps onto moving wire and ensures that tape overlap is consistent

TTT Tractor Drive Turn Taper

Automatic Limit Switches
Limit switches automatically stop the winder and de-clamp the tractor drive should the float range be exceeded.

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