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 Automatic Coil Edgewinders

Nearly every shape and size coil can be produced with one of our flexible, efficient Edgewinders

Our EW Machines are designed with simple, inexpensive tooling, automatically creating edge wound coils in mere minutes.
These machines provide automatic copper feeding, with straightening and spring-back compensation.
The programmable geometry does not require the use of any dies.
Leads are cut to the set coil length, then unloaded onto the output conveyor.
The built-in press controls the copper radius.  

Versatile Coil Shapes

Recipe can be set-up for many coil shapes:






& Many More!


Copper In – Coil Out Design

Automatically pulls wire from the spool, straightens, winds, cuts and conveys finished coil to the accumulation point

Requires no operator interaction after initial setup

Compatible with a wide range of wire sizes (.028” x .058” to .124” x 220”)

Programmable Recipe Driven Controls

PLC with storage of up to 50 coil recipes

Graphic User Interface with Touch Screen

Easy to read, intuitive control commands

Automatic Start & Unloading of Finished Coils

Machine feeds itself and outputs wound coils onto a conveyor

Automatic Lead Cut-off

Coil leads cut to programmed length

Changes in coil or lead length are easily programmed

Automatic Over-Bending & Wire Straightening

Corrects for wire memory, minimizing fanning of coil stack


Design Advantages of CAM’s Automatic Edgewinder Machines

Very efficient design – Most of the spindle torque is applied to the winding

Finished coil is complete with leads cut to length

Coil stack is straight and consistent with virtually no fanning of wound layers

Complete copper feed control with wire straightening and back tensioning of the strap

Requires minimal operator interaction during winding process

Easy wire loading and automatic unloading of finished coil to output conveyor

Fully automatic, recipe driven operation provides total and repeatable process control!

Built-in press head to control the copper size in the radius.

Touch Screen Controls

Straight Coil Stack

EW Automatic Coil Edgewinder

Copper Cut Off

EW Automatic Coil Edgewinder

Automatic Output

Don’t want to invest in a machine?

CAM Innovation also offers Edgewinding Contract Services – we can produce the coils for you!

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