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KC Taping Machine with Belt Drive

The KC Taping Machine is used to wrap tape onto a coil or bar. The coil is pulled through the taping head by a pair of conveyors to provide a consistent tape overlap. The conveyors can move the workpiece in either direction and can be retracted out of the way so the operator can manually manipulate the coil through the taping head when taping the legs and knuckles of the coil.

The machine is also equipped with an (optional) adjustable rear support roller which can be used to help support the coil while taping. Tape overlap can be easily changed by adjusting the tape width and overlap values in the operator interface.

The taping head is capable of applying two rolls of tape at the same time. The tape roll is tensioned on its core. There is an option for constant tape tension devices. The tape tension assemblies are free to pivot allowing taping in both directions.

KC Taping Machine with Belt Drive Features

KC Taping Machine with Belt Drive

Taping Head
• Can apply two rolls of tape at same time

• Constant tape tension system with mechanical brakes for easy set-up

• Pivoting Tension Assemblies to allow taping in both directions

KC Taping Machine with Belt Drive

Belt Drive
• Are on movable elevators to drop down so the operator can life the coil to tape the knuckles

• Perfect for larger heavier coils

KC Taping Machine with Belt Drive

Touchscreen control with values for:
• Tape width

• Tape overlap 

• Max. Tape head speed with conveyors retracted

• Support on/off

• Conveyor direction 

• Alarm faults

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