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Motor Assembly/Disassembly Machines

Machines used to safely assemble and disassemble motors reducing the time a crane is used. Single worker operation with no damage to components.

TFR Roll-Over Stand

TFR Rollover Stand

The TFR Rollover Stand is designed to help operators quickly and safely remove and replace the coils in a traction motor frame. The automatic rotation and air operated lift arm reduces the time to replace the coils, eliminates the need for a crane while replacing the coils and ensures that the entire process is safer and more ergonomically favorable to the operator.



Upenders tilt the motor so that rotors can be easily dropped into place with a crane. Once the rotor is installed, the motor is tilted to horizontal and moved to the next station. Using an Upender saves time and avoids damage to motor components because the parts are not dropped and pivoted on the floor. The work is performed at the proper height for the safety of the operator.

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