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Automatic TIG Welders

CAM’s Automatic Tig Welding Systems provide controlled,
repeatable processes that deliver consistent, high quality connections
from coil lead to commutator, eliminating hours of manual welding.
Our automated welding process simplifies welding,
boosts productivity and provides you with the ability
to have your operator perform other tasks,
while monitoring the welding process. 

Automatic CWM Horizontal TIG Welder

CWM Horizontal T.I.G. Welder

These horizontal machines have wide capacity ranges and are easy to load since the armature is already horizontal from previous processes. The machines are ideal for general repair centers with a variety of different sized armatures, or high production centers doing similar armatures constantly.

Automatic VWT Vertical TIG Welder

VWT Vertical T.I.G. Welder

Our vertical welders save floor space with a more compact machine base.

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