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Lamination Press – Welding Positioner

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CAMs Lamination Press makes stacking and welding laminations easier and safer. This powerful press holds the core stack together under pressure enabling the operator to rotate, flip, raise or lower the stack to facilitate easy welding access.


• High-strength welded steel base
• Welded steel frame and press frame head for rotating the rotor
• Adjustable, precision machined rotor core fixture
• Proximity sensors for easy, repeatable positioning and adjustment of
   work piece during operation
• Rugged hydraulic press head presses rotors of various lengths
• Integrated lifting lugs for installing and removing the press head
• Stand-alone operator control pedestal with push button operator interface
• Interlocked mechanical clips ensure that the core is held firmly before the       head is rotated

Lamination Press Welding Positioner
Lamination Press Welding Positioner

Holds Stacked Laminations under Pressure
The work piece can be manipulated vertically to a comfortable welding height and rotated under pressure to the next welding location. When the end welding is completed, the core can be flipped 180 degrees so the opposite end can be fused. Once the welding is completed, the welded stack can easily be returned to the upright position. The machine operator then uses an overhead crane to remove the detachable press head using the integrated lifting lugs. The press head is stored on a separate press head stand. The finished work piece can then be easily lifted out of the press.


Optional Weld Head
For high-production factories, an automatic welding arm can be integrated into the press. The complete process can then be programmed to position the core and move the weld torch to the weld locations.

Lamination Press FEATURES

Lamination Press Welding Positioner

Lifting Bars

Lamination Press Welding Positioner

Press Head

Lamination Press Welding Positioner

Work Height Adjusts Vertically

Lamination Press Welding Positioner

Rotate Press

Lamination Press Welding Positioner

Rotate Core

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