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SWDG Swaging MachinE

Accurate, Automatic Swaging Control

Fast, Automatic Machine Swages Two Bars at a time
Machine automatically swages two bars 180 degrees apart at the same time. This balances the loading on the rotor shaft.

Swage without Hammering
Smooth hydraulic pressing action pushes tool to correct depth within tolerance.

Recipe Driven Programming simplifies work piece set-up and operator interaction. Multiple swaging point patterns can be stored and recalled easily. Placement and depth of each swage is controlled by programming.

Accurate Laser Indexing on each Slot Optimally positions the swaging tool for maximum efficiency. Micrometer adjustments align the sensors.

Swaging Machine
Swaging Machine

Servo Motor Control for Indexing and Carriage Movement Smooth acceleration and precise stopping control.

Hand Control Pendent
For more convenient operator control during loading of rotor, positioning of the press tooling, and some programming.

Easy Rotor Loading/Unloading
The rotor is centered between head stock and tail stock centers and driven by a four-jaw chuck.

Heavy-Duty, Robust Construction
Perfected in a demanding high volume OEM production environment and constructed with heavy duty steel weldments, a servo driven carriage and long lasting linear bearings

Precision Electronic Depth Control


Swaging Machine

Swages Two Bars at a Time

Programmable Custom Patterns

Total Tool and Depth Control

Automatic Consistency on each Bar

Very Quiet Hydraulic Operation

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