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SCZ Automatic Coil Forming Machine

Fully-Automatic, High Quality, Predictable Forming of both The Diamond and Arc sections

The SCZ Automatic Forming Machine is a CNC machine that automatically opens the loop to a finished diamond coil.

Forms both Taped Flat Coils and Traditional Coils without tape.

In addition to forming taped, “D-shaped” or diamond-shaped flat coils, it can be used to form traditional coils without tape. It produces high quality, repeatable results and the consistency of the coils makes them easier to wind into a stator.

SCZ Automatic Coil Forming Machine

The machine is recipe driven and requires minimal, inexpensive coil tooling. An unlimited number of coil forming recipes can be stored and recalled to speed machine set-up.

Servo motors spread the coils, form the slot angles and provide the lift for the slot height and knuckle height. The servo motor controlled drive system provides consistent, accurate and repeatable results.

Solid, strong hydraulic power is used for clamping the coil, forming the knuckle angle and most importantly arc forming the coil legs. Automatic arms push the legs to create the arcs.

SCZ Automatic Coil Forming Machine Features

Accurate leg radius forming every time
• Most manual adjustments of the coil are eliminated
• Tooling for both long and short legs
• Arc formers can be set at different angles to help place the copper in the best shape

Each coil precisely shaped for easy nesting during winding
• Reduces winding time
• Eliminates tedious and difficult reforming and rework

Computer control for simple set-up
• Stores set-up data for many different coil profiles
• Provides complete process monitoring and performance feedback for better quality control

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