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RF Automatic Undercutter

Automatically Undercut Small Armatures Faster With Higher Quality & Consistency!

CAM’s RF Mica Undercutter is a high production automatic undercutting machine designed specifically for shops that handle small to medium sized armatures. Ideal for the motor sizes used by most transit systems, the RF is able to handle armatures weighing up to 700 pounds (317.5 kg) with diameters up to 12” (304.8 mm). It can also undercut commutators with diameters as small as 2” (50.8 mm).

A Complete Undercutting and Deburring System. This freestanding machine has all of the features found in our topof- the-line Automatic Undercutters including: a programmable controller, automatic optical sensor indexing, armature support on centers and much more. In combination with CAM’s exclusive Brush Deburring Attachment option, the RF becomes even more of a time saving, quality boosting machine system.

Just set it up, turn it on, and walk away! Best of all, the RF works automatically! As the RF accurately and consistently does its job your operator is free to do another. When done, the RF will signal that the undercutting has been completed.

RF Automatic Undercutter

RF Automatic Undercutter Machine FEATURES

RF Automatic Undercutter
RF Automatic Undercutter Brush Deburring
EMT Automatic Multi-Process Machine
RF Automatic Undercutter Control System
RF Automatic Undercutter OIT Controls

 CAMs Patented Brush Deburring System – 
Just minutes of Brush Deburring eliminates hours of handwork and bar chamfering. Brush Deburring speeds clean up by putting a small radius on the corner edge of each copper bar while deburring the commutator. There’s no need to spend hours hand chamfering. The radius will vary with brush.

Fast and Easy Set-up – Armature supported between centers for quick loading and unloading. Set-up time is less than 15 minutes.

Solid Support on Live Centers for Better Accuracy – Cut, start and stop points are constant with the commutator centerline always aligned with the saw.

Automatic Indexing with Optical Sensor – Automatic mica slot detection and saw alignment allows operator to just set up, turn it on, and walk away to complete other shop tasks.

Retractable Spindle – Automatically lifts the saw blade out of the slot on every return stroke speeding the return and shortening the total process time. It also prolongs saw life.

Floating Spindle – The saw spindle floats on springs to allow the saw to automatically follow skewed mica and eliminate constant tracking adjustments.

Climb Cut Rotation with Carbide Saws – Better cutting, longer lasting carbide saws combined with a climb cut rotation so that the teeth cut from the top down into the mica significantly reduces copper burrs.

ACS Advanced Control System – ACS stores critical set-up specifications and machine settings for up to 200 different types of armatures. It eliminates guessing and costly machine setup by trial and error methods.

Standard Push-Button OIT Controls – Recommended where skilled operators are available to load set-up information for each armature.



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