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Automatic Lathe mounted Undercutters

CAM offers Undercutters for motor shops of all sizes.
Our line of Lathe Mounted Undercutters enables you to do
the same automated processes that our stand-alone machines do.
Turning your Lathe into an automatic machine allows your operator
to provide your shop with more valued added work.

FMU Automatic Lathe
Mounted Undercutter

FMU Automatic Lathe

Our FMU Automatic Lathe Mounted Undercutter demonstrates a revolutionary philosophy based on a collaboration between CAM and its clients. With a retractable saw spindle, the FMU is intended for repair centers repairing
medium to large armatures. 

CU Automatic lathe
mounted Undercutter

CU Automatic Lathe Undercutter

The CU Undercutter is great for shops repairing smaller motors because it is quick to set up and transfereable between lathes.

UL Semi-Automatic Lathe
Mounted Undercutter

UL Semi-Automatic Lathe Undercutter

The UL Semi-Automatic Mica Undercutter
is specifically designed to be a more
affordable option for smaller shops, undercutting a wide mix of DC motors.
The operator rotates the commutator,
placing the mica in front of the saw.

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