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MDP Multi-Drawer Hot Press

Multiple Press Drawers Improve Production Flow

“First In- First Out” (FIFO) Press is ideal for:
Lean Manufacturing
The expandable FIFO Press uses individual hot press drawers to process each coil. Continuous Coil Flow Each coil press drawer operates on its own independent cycle, allowing for a continuous flow of individual coils to enter and leave the work cell on a FIFO basis.

Modular Design
The four hot presses operate from a single hydraulic power unit and control system. The system is easily expandable to include additional hot presses to meet future increased production.

Presses Multiple Surfaces
Heat and pressure is applied to eight surfaces of each coil loop. This provides faster heat ramp-up and better process control. Heat and pressure are applied both horizontally and vertically.


Recipe Driven Controls
Both vertical and horizontal pressing forces are applied to the coil loop based on a programmed pressing recipe. A single recipe controls all drawers on the press.

Simple Low Cost Tooling
Four simple pieces of tooling are required for each coil. Tooling for additional coils can be produced easily in virtually any machine shop.

MDP Multi-Drawer Hot Press
MDP Multi-Drawer Hot Press
Lamination Press Welding Positioner

Holds Stacked Laminations under Pressure
The work piece can be manipulated vertically to a comfortable welding height and rotated under pressure to the next welding location. When the end welding is completed, the core can be flipped 180 degrees so the opposite end can be fused. Once the welding is completed, the welded stack can easily be returned to the upright position. The machine operator then uses an overhead crane to remove the detachable press head using the integrated lifting lugs. The press head is stored on a separate press head stand. The finished work piece can then be easily lifted out of the press.


Optional Weld Head
For high-production factories, an automatic welding arm can be integrated into the press. The complete process can then be programmed to position the core and move the weld torch to the weld locations.

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