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Automatic Spiral Wrap
Taping Machines

CAM’s spiral wrap taping machines are used
in a wide range of industrial applications to
insulate, protect, bind and wrap wire harnesses,
electric coils, buss bars, plastic tubing and much more.
Our taping systems can apply polyimide, vinyl, foil, glass,
mica, epoxy film, polyester, woven paper, reinforced filament,
fluorocarbon film composites and other materials.
Using CAM’s proven automation are ergonomically
efficient in reducing operator stress.

CT Manual Spiral Taping Machine

Spiral Taping Machines For Harnesses

CAM’s CT Taping Machine relies on the
skill of the operator to carefully move the
workpiece through the tape head, while maintaining the desired tape overlap.
Our simple-to-operate CT applies a single roll of tape at speeds up to 500 rpm.  

RHT Semi-Automatic Taping Machine

Spiral Taping Machines

The RHT produces consistent,
controlled tape overlap.
It holds the workpiece between 2 drive rollers that pull the piece through the enclosed taping head. The cover has a Sweep-thru opening so the operator can easily pull breakouts through the cover
to tape around them without stopping.
It is the better machine for longer harnesses and less experienced operators.


Custom FT Machine Cable Taping

Our FT Spiral Taping Machine is used to bundle multiple long lengths of cable.
It is positioned between your winder and dereelers. A ratio controller and encoder wheel measures the speed at which the cable is being pulled through the taping head and automatically adjusts the taping head speed in order to maintain a
perfect tape overlap.

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