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Improve your Banding with a machine…specifically built for the job!

CAM’s TS Banding Machine produces tight, consistent bands of tape or wire as it accurately maintains tension. This fast to set up, simple to use banding machine has the power, precision and design features for high productivity motor shops. In addition to banding with wire or tape, it can be used to pull down the armature coils in a re-roll operation. 

The TSCH is available with Automatic Tension Control so the operator can set the target tension on a digital gauge that the machine automatically maintains.

Powered Carriage Sets Up Fast
The powered carriage travels proportionally to the main spindle speed. This ensures consistent banding laps. A Rapid Speed Control feature enables the operator to save time by moving the carriage quickly to the proper set-up position. All of the machine controls are conveniently located on the top of the tension device.

Robustly Constructed
The TS is constructed using high strength weldments and heavy-duty castings for extra stability. Even the carriage structure is built for strength and has been designed to absorb the stresses and upward force caused by high tension banding.

TS Banding Machine
TS Banding Machine

Glass and Wire Tension Device
The air-powered TSC/H Tension Device produces uniform tensions on wire or glass tape up to 1,000 pounds. Banding tension is set on a calibrated air gauge. An optional Precision Tension Indicating Instrument is available to double-check the air gauge tension readings.

Responsive AC Vector Drive
Varying the spindle speed for optimal banding productivity is easy with the machine’s responsive 15 Hp AC Vector Drive. The Flux Vector drive system provides accurate speed control and full torque over the entire speed range. Acceleration and deceleration are controlled from an internal computer to provide smooth starts, stops, and accurate tension control.

Improve the quality of your rewinds with CAM’s Exclusive Reroll Device!
Using banding wire, CAM’s Reroll Device pulls the coils down, under controlled tension, to properly seat them in the core slots. Better coil seating improves the effectiveness of varnish vacuum impregnation and the life of the armature.

The TSC/H has two large pulleys for both wire or tape. This mean that multiple wraps of wire or tape are placed around the pulleys for maximum surface contact which prevents slipped and ensures consistent high tensions.

Banding Machine Tension Device

TS Banding Machine

TSC/H Tension Device

One side is used for tape banding and the other side for wire banding. The guards have been removed in the photo to better show the brake and tensioning wheels. The TSC/H comes standard on the TS Banding Machine.

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