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Hanover, PA, USA: CAM Innovation was named the recipient of the “Excellence in International Trade” award by MANTEC, a private, non-profit, independent, resource center for manufacturers in South Central Pennsylvania. This award is a program of MANTEC, in partnership with the Central Penn Business Journal.

“Excellence in International Trade is our everyday routine,” said Chuck McGough, President, CAM Innovation. “We have evolved beyond a traditional machinery manufacturer since opening in 1910 to become a technical resource for our customers. We are focused on bringing the best practices in the world to help them do what they do better.”

For more than 35 years, CAM has maintained a high-level of commitment and success in exporting. CAM has found ways to adjust to currency fluctuations, financial crisis, geopolitical disturbances and growth of overseas competitors. The record is even more remarkable because CAM sells capital machinery with a life span of 25 to 50 years.

McGough contributes CAMs success to his committed, world-class management team, which has unparalleled experience in managing currency risk, import regulations for different countries, educated on financing mechanisms of Letter of Credit, Cash Against Documents (CAD) and export transactions insurance.

CAM’s product development team introduces four to six new machines or initiatives each year for a new product, an upgrade to an existing product, or a custom product that enables us to explore a new technology.

CAM has an aggressive culture that is open to new opportunities and the willingness to explore flexible commercial and technical solutions.

The company has also adapted to opportunities by using our commercial expertise to become worldwide distributors of other manufacturers’ products. CAM has strong commercial partnerships with manufacturers in the US, UK, and Japan. CAM promotes their products as part of its line.

McGough explains, “We sell Japanese machines in US, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, and Canada; UK machines in China, Brazil, Russia, India and Chile; and US machines throughout the worldwide. CAM is unique in our industry with roughly half of our business from manufactured products and half from international trade of others’ products.” He adds, “These partnerships extend our geographic and technical reach. This innovative approach enables us to increase our value to clients while adding significantly to our revenue at minimal extra cost.”

By working so easily across borders CAM services its customers, grows our business, and stays flexible to adapt for the future.

About CAM Innovation

CAM Innovation designs, manufactures and services electric motor manufacturing equipment in more than 60 countries around the world. CAMs customers include virtually all of the world’s major railroads, mining equipment companies and electrical equipment manufacturers.

The company has worked in the electric motor industry since 1910, helping our clients produce better: AC & DC motors, generators, transformers, commutators, stators, armatures and high-voltage coils.

Product lines include motor manufacturing equipment, electric coil manufacturing equipment, taping machines for wire harness and other special applications, and custom manufacturing of special process and material handling machinery.

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