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FMU Automatic Undercutter: For small to medium sized armatures 

Nov 30, 2022 | CAM Innovation News

Automatic operation yields unrivaled efficiency while maximizing operator duties 

The FMU fits to any lathe so it is ideal for a motor repair center handling armatures from 6” to 6 ft’ diameter commutators, the undercutting solution is not only very reliable and consistent when compared to manual methods .,it will take you less than 15 minutes to set up. Compared to hour spent undercutting and manufacturing commutator bars.

CAM Innovation’s FMU lathe Mounted device can automatically undercut armatures in the small to huge size range with both precision and speed, making it an ideal choice for motors used by any industrial factory – steel mills, paper mills, mining, petroleum, cement, transportation, marine, and all others with DC motors.

Automated Solutions and Why They Matter

The modern motor repair center must be driven by reliable quality retuned to the end user is the faster time. 

Each employee or associate must placed in a position where their skills support revenue growth and not stuck in a manual job that is time consuming and demotivating. The modern workforce embraces technology as the way to grow their skills and contribute to the organization’s mission.

Put That Rock Down!

“As someone once said, the Stone Age did not end because we ran out of stones; we just transitioned to better solutions,” Brian Gallagher noted, Vice President of Corporate Development at Graycor.

“Adoption of more technology is inevitable,” he said. “While automation can have a significant impact on productively and performance, companies can take the opportunity to strengthen their workforce by training their employees to focus on different aspects of the production process.”

The FMU Mica Undercutter operates automatically, ensuring the machine operator can tend to other tasks or work on other projects while the undercutter is at work, equaling more bang for your buck while improving the overall efficiency of your manufacturing processes.

What’s Going On Inside The Machine?

Featuring the CAM Innovation Brush Deburring option for quicker clean-up times and maintenance, the FMU Mica Undercutter is also outfitted with automatic indexing and an optical sensor, retracting and floating spindle, climb cut rotation with carbide screws, ACS advanced control system, and standard push-button OIT controls. 

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