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More than 100 years building machines. DC Motor Equipment overview – CAM’s core product line dominates the heavy-duty electric motor repair industry. CAM provides a complete line of machines used in the repair and manufacturing of DC motors used in railroad, mines, steel and paper mills, transit, oil/gas and other heavy industry applications. The Engineering Division designs and equips entire motor maintenance facilities for our clients worldwide.


DC Motor Equipment by CAM Innovation

Our high quality DC Motor Equipment is used world wide by major motor OEM’s (GE, Siemans, EM, JoyGlobal, Alstom, Baldor, and WEG), railroads, mass transit systems, shipyards, mines, and large motor repair shops.


AC Motor Equipment by CAM Innovation

CAM provides the process equipment needed to make high quality AC Electric Motors. Our machine design philosophy incorporates lean manufacturing principles to reduce work piece handling and operator interaction. These are machines that can produce consistent quality products and make your manufacturing or service operation more efficient and productive.

COIL Manufacturing EQUIPMENT

Coil Manufacturing Equipment by CAM Innovation

CAM supplies a full line of machines to make AC and DC form coils for OEMs and aftermarket customers. CAM provides coil formers, hot presses, coil presses, wire preparation equipment and more tools to help your coil shop become more efficient and profitable.

Wire Harness & Spiral Taping Machines

Wire Harness and Spiral Taping Machines

CAM’s custom taping machines are used in a wide range of industrial applications to insulate, protect, bind and wrap wire harnesses, electric coils, buss bars, plastic tubing and much more. Our taping systems apply polyimide, vinyl, foil, glass, mica, epoxy film, polyester, woven paper, reinforced filament, fluorocarbon film composites and other materials.

Why CAM Innovation

From conception to completion, CAM Innovation has been designing modern, reliable and cost-efficient motor and coil manufacturing equipment for more than a century. CAM spends time in its customers’ shops to better understand their unique process needs, and works with them to create a practical, cost-effective and efficient machine to help their business succeed.

• Flexible solutions to match client needs

• Reliable, rugged equipment to increase ROI

• Relationship drive to support clients for decades after the machine is installed

• Unmatched experience from many decades of working with companies around the world

Grow your business

Growth and profits should never wait. That is why CAM Innovation is partnering with finance companies to provide you, our clients, more purchasing power.

Low fixed monthly cost is covered by the increased cash flow.

Fixed interest rate over multiple years.

Financing offers flexible payment scheduling to match your needs.

Buying the machine becomes a
manageable expense, not a large lump-sum capital cost.

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