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Designed to apply consistent tension to tapes for banding armatures and rotors

The PB is a self-contained unit to apply controlled tension to wire or tape when banding rotors.

Portable so it can be used at different places in the workshop or a client location.

The PB accepts glass fiber tape up to 30 mm wide and both round and flat steel wire.

Tension Control

Tension is monitored continuously by a hydraulic cylinder head fitted with a calibrated manual dial display. Variable tape tensions can be set and a “quick release” is actuated to release tension at the end of the banding cycle.

Tension Adjustment

Tension can be easily varied via adjustments made to the tension control knobs.


Straightening rollers, pre-tension pads and guide rollers are provided for banding with wire.

Flexible Mounting

The PB can be fitted to the carriage of an existing winding machine or lathe incorporated with the TS traversing saddle to offer a complete solution.

TS Traversing Saddle

The TS Traversing Saddle consists of a pair of rails suitably braced for flooring mounting. The traversing saddle is easily moved smoothly along the horizontal axis via a manually operated gear and chain drive rack and pinion. The standard traverse length is 59” (1500 mm) however other lengths can be made to order.

Portable Banding Tension Unit
Portable Banding Tension Unit

Traversing saddle shown with the Portable Banding Tension Unit

Portable Banding Tension Unit

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