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MDU Automatic Undercutter: For large armatures

Jan 11, 2023 | CAM Innovation News

The supply chain difference-maker for electric motors and dynamos

They’re automated, precise, efficient and reliable, and there are over 250 of them operating in repair centers around the world.

Alongside their customers, CAM Innovation designed the MDU Automatic Undercutter to build or repair large motors more efficiently for major railroads, mining equipment companies, and electrical equipment manufacturers.

Want To Become a Tiered Supplier?

Moving up the supply chain and doing business with the large Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) depends not only on the machining capabilities and workflow standards of the prospective supplier, but also on the timeliness in which their products and services are designed, created, and distributed.

From the automotive and aerospace sectors to bio and food manufacturing, the efficiency in which quality products move from design to market can make or break a company’s tiered position along the supply line.

Seamless Production: An OEM’s Demand

Murat Aksel, BMW’s Senior Vice President of Purchasing and Supplier Network Americas, said “The supply chain must run seamlessly, as any disruption can lead to delays in production and impact customers.”
The MDU Automatic Undercutter utilizes a variety of innovative technologies to deliver quality results while cutting process times from hours to mere minutes. Whether you’re building relays and industrial controls, transformers, electric motors, generators or switchboards, the relationship between you and your client depends on the quality and timely delivery of your work.

The Exclusive Technology

CAM Innovation’s MDU Automatic Undercutter is outfitted with leading-edge technology including a fiber optic sensor that automatically identifies the mica slot to align the saw, a floating spindle to follow the most skewed mica slots, while eliminating operator adjustments.

The easy-to-read mica sensor display also makes set-up easy and fast.

Meanwhile, the built-in Brush Deburring and polishing system removes the need for any hand chamfering and performs reliably and automatically, meaning the machine operator can complete other duties while the undercutter is at work.

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