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Providing the Global Electric Motor Industry with Customized Machines to Increase Workforce Efficiency.

The CAM Philosophy

From conception to completion, CAM Innovation has been designing modern, reliable and cost-efficient motor and coil manufacturing equipment for more than a century. CAM spends time in its customers’ shops to better understand their unique process needs, and works with them to create a practical, cost-effective and efficient machine to help their business succeed.

Solutions That Provide

Increased ROI
Lower Cycle Times
Automated Process
Increased Safety
Faster Turnaround Times
Leaner Process
More Productive Workforce
Solution for Staffing Issues

the electric motor industry forward.

Automated Mica Undercutter Machines

FMU Automatic undercutter

A Flexible Mounting System.

Our NEW FMU Automatic Undercutter demonstrates a revolutionary philosophy based on collaboration between CAM and its clients. This approach will enable shops to benefit from the full capabilities of our 60 years of proven undercutting technology in a flexible package to match floor space and budget.

UL Semi-Automatic Lathe Undercutter

Built with Heavy Duty Components For
More Accuracy and Consistency.

The UL Semi-Automatic Mica Undercutter is specifically designed to be affordable for smaller shops undercutting a wide mix of DC motors. It mounts on the tool compound of a conventional lathe, sets up in minutes and produces high quality undercutting that is far superior to manual undercutting methods.


FT Automatic Taping Machine

Custom Machinery Is Our Specialty.

CAM’s custom taping machines are used in a wide range of industrial applications to insulate, protect, bind and wrap wire harnesses, electric coils, buss bars, plastic tubing and much more.

RHT Semi-Automatic Taping Machine

Spiral taping with complete tape overlap control

Simple to use, CAM’s RHT Taping Machine combines the precision of automatically controlled overlap with the flexibility to apply one or two layers of any type of tape.

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