CAM Innovation - Custom Automated Machinery

Customer’s Need/Requirement:  to unspool up to 9 wires and bind them together with a controlled twist to ensure even electrical properties.  Once the bundle was created it had to be covered with two layers of film tape at a consistent overlap and respooled so that it could be moved to the next operation.
CAM’s Solution:  A custom comprehensive line was created by combining several proven components.  The wire spools are mounted on shafts on a rotating frame.  Each spool has an individual brake to produce tension on the wire so that it is straight and taut while being formed into the bundle.  The frame rotates the spools at a controlled speed to achieve the desired twist.

Wires are gathered into a rotating die which ensure perfect alignment.  Once combined, the bundle passes through an FT Taping Head to apply the film cover tapes simultaneously.  The taped bundle is wrapped onto a take up spool.  A precision layering device guides the wires onto the take up spool so that the bundle is evenly placed and does not become tangled.  The drive system pulls the bundle through the system at a consistent line speed to maintain accuracy.
This is an example of how CAM combines our proven technology for machine integration automation into a comprehensive line.

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