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FT automatic Taping Machine

Designed to be placed in line with a dereeler and winder, the FT Cable Taper provides spiral taping with complete tape overlap control in a very compact and reliable package.

This special spiral-taping machine uses a measuring wheel and encoder to determine how fast the wire is being pulled through the machine and automatically changes the speed of the taping head to compensate. By adjusting the head speed, a consistent tape overlap is maintained. Faster taping heads can be custom designed for faster work piece feed rates.

The taping head, material guide roller assemblies, and machine controls are mounted onto a heavy-duty welded steel base. There is zero accumulation error as the machine automatically compensates for speed variations as the wire bundle moves through the taping head.

FT Automatic Taping Machine


The FT Machine can be integrated with existing reeling equipment or it can be purchased as a complete three machine system.

FT Automatic Taping Machine

Our FT Machine can be used for bundling multiple cables, hoses or wires into a single assembly. Placed between a set of dereelers and a powered winder the machine will determine the speed at which the multiple strands of material are being pulled through its tape head and adjust the tape head speed to maintain the pre-set overlap.

It can apply tape, twine or yarn at a controlled rate preset on the machine’s ratio controller. The machine can be fitted with two large 10” pancake rolls of tape or a 750 yard spool of twine or yarn.

The FT machine can be adjusted to provide open laps up to a maximum of 3 inches. The desired overlap is programmed into the ratio controller by the operator. The machine will automatically compensate for changes in the speed of the work piece.

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