RHT Spiral Taping Machine

Fast Spiral Taping with Programmable Overlap Control

Perfect Overlap Everytime!

RHT RHT is a semi-automatic taping machine designed to spirally wrap tape on harnesses, cables, tubing, pipe and buss bars.

Simple to use, CAM's RHT Taping Machine combines the precision of automatically controlled overlap with the flexibility to apply one or two layers of any type of tape.

Two Roll Tape Head -- saves time -- doubles productivity!
Adhesive and non adhesive tapes with widths up to 1½ inches can be applied with total accuracy by an RHT machine at tape speeds of up to 14 feet per minute. For even greater productivity, our Dual Head RHT model enables you to apply two layers of tape in a single pass, or a layer of foil and a covering layer of tape simultaneously. Push Button Overlap Control
Use the ratio controller to set the overlap and the RHT automatically maintains perfect overlap at any speed. Fast or slow, the tape head turns in time with the powered drive rollers, wrapping the harness with measured precision while pulling the harness through the machine.

Sweep Breakouts Through Without Opening the Guard!
CAM's self-aligning, slotted tape head combined with the exclusive Sweep-Thru Guard makes taping harnesses with multiple wire breakouts simple. Breakout wires are easily pulled through the special safety guard without opening the guard or threading the harness through the tape head. It's fast and easy!

Ready to go in just seconds
It takes just seconds to open the guard and change a tape roll, a few more seconds to place your harness through the tape head and engage the pneumatic pressure drive rollers. Then, close the guard and step on the pedal and start taping. It really is that simple.

Installing your new machine is simple, too.
Just place your RHT Taping Machine on a workbench, plug in the electrical cord, attach a pneumatic supply hose, load a roll of tape, and you're ready to start wrapping.

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