CAM 云母槽下刻机具有什么优越?


自动切割 - 更有效、更快速

硬质合金锯片 - 彻底地切割

切割旋转 - 更减少时间

浮动主轴 - 更精密的切割

电机驱动 - 可靠、安全




Wire Harness Cable Taping Equipment

CAM's custom taping machines and dispensers are used in a wide range of industrial applications to insulate, protect, bind and wrap wire harnesses, electric coils, buss bars, plastic tubing and much more. Our taping systems apply polyimide, vinyl, foil, glass, mica, epoxy film, polyester, woven paper, reinforced filament, fluorocarbon film composites and other materials.

Spiral Taping Machines

Spiral taping refers to machines that apply tape across the length of a wire harness. Spiral taping machines work either by pulling the wire harness through the taping head or by running the taping head along the length of the wiring harness.

» RHT Spiral Taping Machine
RHT Spiral Taping Machine
» CT Manual Spiral Taping Machine
CT Manual Spiral Taping Machine
» FT Follower Taping Machine
FT Follower Taping Machine
» Wire Bundling Machines
 Wire Bundling Machines

Wire Covering Systems

There are two basic taping methods used to cover wire. Which taping method, eccentric or concentric, is best for your particular taping application is influenced by how fast the tape is to be applied and the size and shape of the work piece.

» Wire Covering Systems
Wire Covering Systems

Ring Taping Machine Systems

CAM's Ring Taping Machine systems not only will improve the quality of the tape wrap and the consistency of the overlap, they will tape in mere minutes what takes hours to tape manually.

» Ring Taping Machine Systems
Ring Taping Machine Systems

Custom Taping Solutions

CAM Innovation has been designing and manufacturing taping machine systems for nearly a century. We have produced machines to tape all kinds of wire harnesses, cables, fiber optic cables, buss bars, insulating rings, static rings, water tubing, all kinds and sizes of electric coils and even hula hoops.

» Custom Taping Solutions
Custom Taping Solutions

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