CAM 云母槽下刻机具有什么优越?


自动切割 - 更有效、更快速

硬质合金锯片 - 彻底地切割

切割旋转 - 更减少时间

浮动主轴 - 更精密的切割

电机驱动 - 可靠、安全




TFR Rollover Stand

Faster - Safer - Easier Coil Installation and Removal

TFR webTFR Roll-Over Stand makes installation and removal of Traction Motor field coils simple!

The TFR Roll-Over stand is designed to hold traction motor frames and other large motor frames. It comes complete with a flex arm positioning mechanism to simplify the process of removing and installing frame pole pieces.

Rotates for Easier Access
A push button effortlessly rotates the motor frame rings to preset stops. Limit switches automatically stop the rotation so that the frame is optimally positioned for coil removal or installation at 90 or 45 degrees.

Ergonomically friendly design uses simple push button controls to rotate the frame and lift the Flex Arm.


A safety interlock prevents the operator from rotating the motor frame while the Flex Arm is inserted.

Limit switches automatically stop frame rotation at 90 and 45 degrees
TFR4 Large roller surface contact on the motor frame rings enables the TFR to safely overcome the out of balance condition that can occur when inserting pole pieces.  
Ring Sets can be customized to hold various manufacturers motor frames.
TFR3 Flex arm and coil table pivot out of way for brazing   TFR2 web Convenient Ring Storage Rack
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