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RW Automatic Cut-to-Length & Insulation Stripping Machine


Operator Convenient. Quick, Consistent Results. Less Floor Space.




RW Automatic Cut-to-Length & Insulation Stripping Machine is designed to straighten wire from a spool, strip off the insulation, and accurately cut the copper to a preprogrammed length. With the RW you will get more precise cutting, more consistent stripping and waste less copper because the copper is consistently cut to the programmed length. Best of all, it does it automatically!

CAM’s RW is a multi-function machine that performs wire preparation operations in seconds, without human operator interaction. Simple to program, the machine’s computer program controls the entire measuring, counting, cutting and end stripping process automatically.


RW AirWipersHigh-velocity air wipers
High-velocity air blows across the wire to clean the dust and cool the wire. A felt wiper removes remaining dust.





 RW CatTractionDriveCaterpillar Traction Motor 
Heavy-duty servo motor ensures accuracy. Placed after the strip mechanism, the drive pulls the wire through the machine and holds it in place for cutting and stripping. Easily-adjusted air pressure provides consistent drive force for different wire sizes.



 RW control

Simple, fast set-up
Recipe Parameters include:

            Number of pieces

            Sets of straps

            Cut and cleaning lengths

            Cut without stripping option

            Different strip lengths on

               each end of the strap

            20 recipes

            Color touch screen control

            Can be built with inch or 
          metric controls



Rollers quickly straighten the wire
Five horizontal and sever vertical rollers straighten the wire. Improved wire straighteners with digital adjustment gauges.



Consistent copper
Repeatable, accurate and automatic measurement. Operator can program up to six lengths in a set of straps to make the armature coil.





RW knife

Air-powered knife
Cuts cleanly and is easily removable for sharpening.


RW handwheelsOperator-convenient
It is critical that the brushes be properly set to remove the insulation without burning the wire. This is easy on the RW. The vertical and horizontal brush sets are each controlled by their own hand wheel. Each
hand wheel has a dial calibrated
to match the space between the brushes. The brushes move together so they are always centered on the wire. The operator sets the intitial distance to match the wire thickness. During operation the operator can make fine adjustments because the hand wheels are outside the guard.


RW brushesSpecial-angled brushes
Each brush set is enclosed in a compact chamber for efficient dust removal. The chambers have windows and lights to enable the operator to monitor the work. The brushes are angled to make a cleaner end to the insulation.



RW DustCollector

Dust collector system
Fits conveniently under the table. Has an air flow meter to show the condition of the filter.


 Optional Accessories: (See CAM Sales Representative for details)

  • Dust Collector – Heavy-duty industrial dust collector system for collection of insulation debris
  • Wire Accumulator - For wire lengths up to 72" (1829 mm) to 144" (3658 mm)
  • Extended Stainless Steel Accumulation Table available
  • Warehouse accumulators
  • Automatic Brush movements after a preset number of strips to replace the hand wheels                    
  • Increased memory for more recipes 
  • Heavy-duty brush reversing options.

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