CAM 云母槽下刻机具有什么优越?


自动切割 - 更有效、更快速

硬质合金锯片 - 彻底地切割

切割旋转 - 更减少时间

浮动主轴 - 更精密的切割

电机驱动 - 可靠、安全




Edgewinding Coils

Produces Complete Edge-Wound Interpole Coils Automatically!WatchVideo

Complete Edge-wound Interpole coils

Automatically winds DC Interpole Coils in mere minutes with simple inexpensive tooling.

Design Advantages of CAM's Automatic Edgewinder:

  • Very efficient geometry – Most of the spindle torque is applied to the winding
  • Coil stack is straight and consistent with virtually no fanning of wound layers
  • Requires minimal operator interaction during winding process
  • Fully-automatic recipe driven operation provides total and repeatable process control!
  • Finished coil is complete with leads, no brazing or extra labor required
  • Complete feed copper control with wire straightening and back bending of strap
  • Easy wire loading and automatic unloading of finished coil to output conveyor


Copper In – Coil Out Design
Automatically pulls wire from the spool, straightens, winds, cuts and conveys finished coil to accumulation point.

Requires no operator interaction after initial set-up.

Programmable Recipe Driven Controls
Micro processor with storage of up to 20 coil recipes

Automatic Turns Counter
Machine keeps track of winding progress

Frees operator to do other tasks while winding

Automatic Coil Start and Unloading of Finished Coils
Machine feeds itself and outputs wound coils onto a conveyor

Automatic Lead Cut-off
Coil leads cut to length

Change in coil or lead length requires no tooling change

Graphic User Interface with Touch Screen
Easy to read, intuitive control commands

Automatic Back Bending and Straightening of Wire
Corrects for wire memory

Minimizes fanning of coil stack

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