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Coil Manufacturing Equipment

CAM supplies a full line of machines to make AC and DC form coils for OEMs and aftermarket customers. CAM provides coil formers, hot presses, coil presses, wire preparation equipment and more tools to help your coil shop become more efficient and profitable. From simple bench tapers to fully-computerized flat coil systems, CAM is the technology and productivity leader.


Flat Coil System

Developed on the strength and expertise gained from over 30 years experience in coil manufacturing, this new fully-automatic coil production system greatly reduces both labor and manufacturing time by 40% to 50%, while simultaneously delivering a higher quality product.

» Flat Coil System

Flat Coil System

Automatic Coil Taping Machines

These machines eliminate the inconsistency and inaccuracy that results when manually taping coils.

» Model SA5100

Model SA5100
» Model SA5200

Model SA5200

Semi Automatic Coil Taping Machines

Pneumatically powered rollers securely clamp on to the coil and precisely drive the tape head.

» BCT Suspended Coil Taping Machine

» XYT Multi-Axis Coil Taper


Bench Taping Machines

This new machine eliminates most of the stress on operators as they move the coil around the tape head. Improve taping consistency while reducing operator strain!

» 72-YD Power Drive Coil Taping Machine

72-YD Power Drive Coil Taping Machine
» 72-YD Taping Machines & 36-YD Taping Machines

72-YD Taping Machines & 36-YD Taping Machines

Coil Forming Machines

Fully-automatic, high quality, consistent forming for both flat coil and traditional coil manufacturing!

» SCZ Automatic Coil Formers

SCZ Automatic Coil Formers
» Coil Spreader


Turn Taping Machines

Provides tight, consistent tape wrap with precise overlap control!

» Turn Taping Machines

Turn Taping Machines



Automatically winds DC Interpole Coils in mere minutes with simple inexpensive tooling.

» Edgewinding Coils



Loop and Wet Winding

CAM can provide a full-range of Coil Manufacturing Equipment, including, Loop (form coil) Winders, Winding Beams, Drum Stands and much more.

» Loop Winders
 Loop-Winder new
» Wet Winders

Wet Winders


Floor Dereeler

Constent tension roll-on dereeler.

» Easy Roll-On Roll-Off Dereeler

Easy Roll-On Roll-Off Dereeler


Strip Cut To Length

Designed to straighten wire from a spool, strip off the insulation, and accurately cut the copper to a preprogrammed length.

» RW Automatic Strip & Cut to Length & Insulation Stripping Machine



DC Coil Forming

Designed for simple, quick adjustment for a wide-range of coils.

» DC Coil Forming

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