What Makes CAMs Mica Undercutters Better?

They Make Your Shop Work...

Better - Smarter - Faster!


Automatic Undercutting - Better Results, Faster  
CAM’s Automatic Undercutting Systems free the operator to multi task while Undercutting and Brush Deburring. Process time is cut by hours to mere minutes. Depth and length of cut is controlled and consistent. Laser guided indexing optics line up each cut so no bar is ever damaged. Top quality results are realized every time.  

Floating Spindles – More Accurate Cutting
Our saw spindles float on springs allowing the saw to follow skewed mica. This provides a better cut with removal of virtually all the side mica and eliminates the need for constant tracking adjustments.

Motor Driven- with Variable Speed Control
Provides more consistent and controlled saw traverse while reducing operator fatigue. Eliminates need to repeatedly push the saw spindle back and forth. All CAM Undercutters have Variable Speed Control – so the operator can adjust the carriage speed to suit the saw cutting conditions.

Climb Cut RotationLess Clean-up Time  

Our machines use a climb cut rotation of the saw so that the teeth cut from the top down into the mica significantly reducing copper burrs. Competitors use a mill cut where the teeth cut up into the mica requiring extensive, time consuming burr clean up. 


Brush Deburring -   Eliminates hours of hand work
CAM’s exclusive Brush Deburring eliminates the need to chamfer the mica slots after undercutting by putting a slight radius on the edge of every bar.  Brush deburring provides a high level of process control while at the same time eliminating hours of tedious and labor expensive hand work.

Adjustable SkewEliminates inaccurate machine shimming
Turning a single knob easily repositions the undercutter head to enable the saw to follow severely skewed mica. 

Carbide Saws   - Cleaner Cuts  

All of our machines use carbide saws, which last longer than steel saws. The longer life and corresponding reduction in downtime to change saws offsets the higher cost of carbide saws.

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