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We proposed that he use a CAM RHT Automatic Spiral Taping machine to tape his harnesses...

...A few weeks after shipping the machine the customer called asking how fast he could get three more RHT machines. He proudly exclaimed, "we produced more harnesses in a single day using the RHT machine than we did in an entire week taping by hand"


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Our Facilities & Resources

The CAM Innovation manufacturing plant, offices and warehouse are located near the center of Hanover, in south central Pennsylvania. Our 50,000 square foot production plant contains:

New Engineering Center
• A fully-equipped machine shop
• Welding and fabrication area
• Paint and finishing facility
• Four, 5-ton cranes
• Two sub assembly manufacturing cells with 2-ton cranes
• Testing and machine development center
• Wood shop and shipping preparation area

Our administration, clerical support and sales offices are located in a separate building on our five-acre factory campus. This building also houses our engineering and machine design team.

Using state-of-the-art CAD and 3-D modeling design software, CAM engineers work with you to develop design concepts and practical, cost-effective custom equipment solutions.

CAM's technicians are experienced in the proper construction of MECHANICAL, HYDRAULIC, PNEUMATIC, ELECTRIC, ROBOTIC, and THERMAL SYSTEMS. Our manufacturing support includes on-site field service, installation, commissioning and maintenance services.

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