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We proposed that he use a CAM RHT Automatic Spiral Taping machine to tape his harnesses...

...A few weeks after shipping the machine the customer called asking how fast he could get three more RHT machines. He proudly exclaimed, "we produced more harnesses in a single day using the RHT machine than we did in an entire week taping by hand"


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HDU Automatic Undercutter

Bigger Capacity, Advanced Controls, Proven Automatic Performance!

HDU2 The HDU Heavy Duty Automatic Undercutter is designed to undercut, deburr and polish very large armatures. It contains many of the proven features of our MDU model, "the world's best selling Automatic Undercutter." And, just like the MDU, the HDU performs so consistently and reliably your operator can accomplish other tasks while the machine automatically undercuts. What makes the HDU "A Heavy Duty Machine"?


  • Physically bigger, higher, longer, heavier
  • Longer cutting slides for bigger comms
  • Accommodates longer shaft lengths
  • More powerful Brush Deburring motors
  • Advanced Controls store armature set-up data


With this highly-dependable, Automatic Heavy Duty Undercutter and Deburring System you'll get consistent, high quality results, even on the largest armatures, while significantly reducing your process time.

The HDU's programmable Advanced Control System stores set-up data for up to 200 types of armatures making it easy for any operator to achieve optimal machine set-up no matter what their level of experience is with the machine.

Easy to read mica sensor display makes set-up easy and fast.

High Rise Floating spindle follows most skewed mica slots and eliminates constant operator adjustments

Featuring CAM's exclusive, timesaving Brush Deburring System with Heavy-Duty Drive Motor

Fastest, Most Accurate Automatic Undercutting Machine for Very Large Motors

  • Repeatable, high quality results
  • Does not depend on skilled craftsman
  • Dramatically reduces floor-to-floor cycle time
  • Simple to set up, runs automatically
  • Ergonomically friendly
  • Eliminates repetitive hand motion
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