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Custom Taping Machine Challenge!

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Once upon a time there was a company that made insulating materials like PTFE or polyimide film for wire. They had a problem developing test samples when researching new products.

They Called CAM...


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Loop Consolidation Press

Multiple Press Drawers Improve Production Flow


    • Expandable Modular Drawer Design
    • Easy Front Loading and Unloading
    • Fast Heat Ramp-Up
    • Simple, Inexpensive Tooling

“First In- First Out” Press is ideal for Lean Manufacturing

The EXPANDABLE FIFO (First In - First Out) PRESS uses individual hot press
drawers to process each coil.

Continuous Coil Flow
Each coil press drawer operates on its
own independent cycle, allowing for a
continuous flow of individual coils to
enter and leave the work cell on a
FIFO basis.

Loop Press DisplayModular Design

The four hot presses operate from a
single hydraulic power unit and control
system. Presses can be ordered with
a single drawer or multiple drawers to
match your production flow.

Presses Multiple Surfaces
Heat and pressure is applied to four
surfaces of each coil loop. This
provides faster heat ramp-up and
better process control. Heat and pressure
are applied both horizontally
and vertically.

Recipe Driven Controls
Both vertical and horizontal
pressing forces, up to 100 to 150 psi,
are applied to the coil loop based on a
programmed pressing recipe. A single
recipe controls all press drawers.

DrawerPress2Controllable Electric Heat
An insulated exterior keeps the
heat concentrated on the work piece
and ensures the machine’s hydraulics,
frame and operator area are cool.
Two inch thick aluminum platens
provide stable thermal control and
maintain temperature up to 160
degrees centigrade. An audible and
visual alarm indicates the end of each
program cycle.

Simple Low Cost Tooling
Four simple pieces of tooling are
required for each coil. Tooling for
additional coils can be produced easily
in virtually any machine shop.

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